How do I start earning BTC?

To participate in a Bitcoin yield pool on Zest Protocol, users need a Stacks and Bitcoin address to participate. To start earning a BTC yield, LPs take the following steps:
This step takes 1 confirmation on Bitcoin (~10 minutes)
The user now has LP tokens in their Stacks wallet that represent a claim on the BTC they added to a Zest pool.
Zest Protocol requires liquidity providers to have both a Bitcoin and Stacks address.
Currently, XVerse wallet and Hiro wallet offer a wallet app with both Bitcoin and Stacks addresses.
Users can also decide to use separate Bitcoin and Stacks wallets, for example if they prefer to use an exchange or custodian to send BTC to a pool on Zest Protocol. Hiro wallet has Ledger support and is currently integrating with custodians to smoothen access for institutional investors.
Zest Protocol also has multisig signing support for LPs that prefer multisigs.