How do deposits & withdrawals work?

Adding BTC liquidity

Select a lending pool to add BTC to & complete the flow which includes transactions from a Stacks and Bitcoin wallet. By adding BTC, you receive a Zest Pool Token (ZPT) which is a SIP-10 token on Stacks representing your share of the pool.
As liquidity providers earn rewards, it is reinvested by the pool, enabling rewards to compound. To withdraw liquidity, liquidity providers can exchange their ZPT tokens for their share of capital.

Withdrawing BTC liquidity

While liquidity providers can claim their earned yield at any time, they must wait for their withdraw timer prior to removing their principal. A countdown is visible in Zest Protocol webapp UI.
Once countdown has passed, liquidity providers are able to initiate a withdrawal, triggering the 10 day cooldown. The 10 day cooldown period is a global parameter that is in place as a security measure during withdrawal. When an LP initiates withdrawal, they will specify how many of their funds they wish to withdraw. After 10 days has passed, there will be a 48 hour window for liquidity providers to withdraw the specified amount of funds from the protocol.
Since the pool lends BTC to borrowers, it is possible that there aren’t enough BTC funds available in the pool for LPs to withdraw in the 48 hour window after the cooldown window has passed. It is up to the pool delegate to manage the cash balance in the pool to accommodate for incoming withdrawals.